75. Hidetsugu in exile

We see Toyotomi Hidetsugu (1568-1595) and a companion, imprisoned in Mount Koya Temple, not long before their death. Hidetsugu was the adopted son of Hideyoshi (print #66), but his military performance displeased his father. After the birth of Hideyoshi's own son in 1593, he fell into disgrace, and rumors began about his moral behaviour, including repeated and unjust murders. He was exiled, and forced to commit suicide. His family and household, including three wakashu (male lovers – not uncommon among Samurai) were executed. Hidetsugu’s poem reads: "Did I ever imagine that as the clouds of the high autumn sky cleared - I would view the moon through a bamboo lattice window?" Perhaps he is referring to the sky of his mind. (December 1889)